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Brownies and cookies at Notes in Covent Garden
Sandwiches for lunch at Notes Cafe in Covent Garden


Opening Hours

MON - WED: 7.30AM - 9PM
THU - FRI: 7.30AM - 10PM
SAT: 9AM - 10PM
SUN: 10AM - 6PM

Alan Goulden, the owner of Notes, is a man who holds a particular love for three of life’s great pleasures: coffee, wine and music. So when he came to open his own Covent Garden cafe, he decided to incorporate them all.

Each of these elements is taken extremely seriously. The business has its very own coffee roastery, ensuring an impressive level of freshness and quality control. The wine is varied and carefully chosen, available for retail or, for a flat corkage fee, to drink there.

And then the music, an unusual blend of opera, jazz and soundtracks from world cinema, adds to the distinctly relaxed atmosphere and can also be bought on CD.

In addition to these notable pleasures, there’s a simple food menu to explore, consisting of toast and jam, pastries, granola and eggs for breakfast, then salads, sandwiches, soups and tarts for lunch.

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Notes Cafe in Covent Garden