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Opening Hours

MON - SAT: 10AM - 8PM

SUN: 11AM - 7PM

Africology is South Africa’s leading skincare and lifestyle brand and stepping into their brand-new Covent Garden store, is like embarking on a journey into the country’s vast apothecary of indigenous plants and essential oils.

By taking its cue from ancient healing traditions and harnessing the power of Africa’s hero ingredients Rooibos, Aloe Ferox & Aloe Vera, Marula and African Potato, Africology offers a range that is both functional and holistic and 100% natural whilst being completely chemical free. 

For the first time ever, London will be home to Africology. The new flagship two-storey shop, in the heart of the piazza is a playground for the senses -  showcasing the very best of the brand. From effective mind and body therapies, which feature the restorative powers of African plants and oils, to the soulful aromatherapy candles, gifts, teas and home  & travel scents.

Hero products include the Marula Conditioning Oil – supercharged with antioxidizing plants; the Energy Charge Oil - inspired by ancient healing rituals; the Anti Reactive Tonic – a natural source of AHAs and the Magnesium Bath Milk - boosted by the hypnotic notes of South African lavender.  

The story of Africology began with its founder - South African-born, Renchia Droganis, an experienced Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Metaphysical Counsellor, Life Coach and Holistic Healer. Using her profound understanding of the connection between body and mind, she developed these bespoke skincare products with an intention to heal in the most natural and wholesome way possible, reconnecting mind to body.

Their flagship shop is the next step in Renchia’s journey to bring hope and holistic beauty to a new audience.