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Fiona Fleur is a floral design company, offering a fresh and youthful perspective on flower design and specialising in event and brand work across the country.

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Inspired by the soft, natural hues of the earth, tonal palettes complemented by creative license are at the heart of Fiona Fleur, designing florals with unique concepts and detail. Decadent textures meet bohemian romance for a curated yet natural effect, using a variety of fresh, dried and silk flowers for a combination of tones and textures.
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Fiona Fleur offers nationwide luxury flower deliveries, in both fresh and dried flowers. During the pop up at 18 Floral Street there will be a selection of fresh flowers, in unique colours, such as Roses, Tulips and Dahlias and dried flowers such as Pampas Grass, Bunny tails and Palm Fonds. The store will offer pre-made hand-tied bouquets, an option to select your own fresh/dried florals and a ‘Pick and Mix’ dried flower bar. The ‘Pick and Mix’ dried flower bar will offer a variety of unique ever-lasting dried florals, customers can select one/multiple of their preferred dried flower. There is also the option to select flowers in store to be sent to a friend or loved one, for delivery on their desired day.

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The non-profit initiative 'The Floral Flat White' aims to boost the morale of Key Workers during COVID-19 by sending them donation-funded bouquets of flowers to show Britain's appreciation for all the hard-work they are doing. At Fiona Fleur store in Covent Garden customers can purchase a bouquet of flowers and a percentage of the cost will be donated to The Floral Flat White. Online, donations to the fund can be made via The Just Giving page.

How can you help? Now we’re working from or simply staying at home, we have stopped buying our daily coffee fix on our commute, so how about ordering a ‘Floral Flat White’ instead and donate £3.00 towards a bunch of flowers for Key Workers in London? Simply donate your daily coffee spend and send morale boosting flowers to Key Workers.

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