Hotel Chocolat Café

Ten years ago, Hotel Chocolat set out to make British chocolate exciting again. Now, Hotel Chocolat have gone one step further to create a café space to relax, refuel and be restored.

Pop into Hotel Chocolat’s Café beneath the Covent Garden store to fuel-up and get your chocolate fix! Choose from their award-winning menu including the signature Hot Chocolat, Coffee Chocolat Latte, Frappes and Teaolat.

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Takeaway Hot Chocolat No Whip

Customers can choose from a drinks menu written in familiar coffee language and decide whether they would like their latte, flat white or cappuccino prepared with cocoa freshly roasted on the premises or with coffee beans. Hotel Chocolat’s Coffee Chocolate Lattes are made with chocolate, coffee beans and skimmed milk – that’s all. No syrups, no flavourings, no additives – and as always, faithful to their mantra: More Cocoa, Less Sugar.


Hotel Chocolat will also be serving Ice Cream of The Gods (jersey cream infused with pure roasted cocoa) and brownies baked in-store.

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