Lumas Gallery

Founded by art collectors and brought to life by renowned artists as well as promising talents from major academies, LUMAS is passionate about offering original and inspiring art in affordable, hand-signed limited editions.

With more than 3,000 works by about 250 artists, the LUMAS portfolio is among today’s most multifaceted and diverse collections of photographic and contemporary art. Whether it is for your house, apartment, or office, at LUMAS you will find everything from unique art objects to hand-signed statement pieces to specially made artworks, all perfectly in tune with your interior design.

As of September 2019, you will find our LUMAS Gallery in stunning new premises at the iconic Seven Dials junction. We invite you to come and discover the LUMAS art collection right in the heart of the city and experience the unique atmosphere of our new space. Our team cannot wait to help you find your new favourite artwork.

Are you more interested in turning your own photographs into works of art? If so, we look forward to welcoming you to the new WhiteWall Photo-lab store inside the LUMAS Gallery.

Our Staff will provide you with expert advice on image editing, through to the choice of paper, to the best way to finish and frame your photo.