Ô Craquelin Patisserie

Located in Covent Garden, Ô Craquelin offers modern, hand crafted desserts. They specialise in petits gateaux, however also serve specialty coffee, tea, matcha and hot chocolate.

Ô Craquelin has been on a mission to provide London with unique desserts since 2019. Located on Tavistock Street, Ô Craquelin micro-pâtisserie offers modern, hand-crafted desserts. All desserts are hand-crafted using quality, raw ingredients. Ô Craquelin call themselves a micro-patisserie because every element of their desserts is prepared and cooked in their kitchen.

Some of the common activities you will find the chefs doing in their kitchen is soaking Assam tea or coffee beans overnight, preparing poppy seed milk for the poppy seed cake, preparing nut pralines, cooking fresh fruit jams or compotes, rolling dough and baking cakes.

The highlight of Ô Craquelin patisserie is the attention to detail in every dessert. Each dessert must go through multiple trials and tasting before the patisserie launches the new product. Every individual portion is carefully layered with flavours and textures to create a delightful experience difficult to find in the market. Whilst admirers of French pastry will find themselves at home with general concepts, each dessert has its own distinct identity and comes with a different story. It is certainly safe to say that what makes Ô Craquelin so special, is the vigilant eye for detail that makes all of their desserts so tasty.

The stunning patisserie is hard to miss with its purple exterior and floral décor, it looks as good as their desserts taste! Ô Craquelin is a must-visit if you are visiting London.