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sweetheart cakes covent garden
sweetheart cakes covent garden

Sweetheart Cakes

Opening Hours

MON - SAT: 10AM - 10PM

SUN: 10AM - 9PM

Inspired by a happy home kitchen, the new Sweetheart cake shop, in Covent Garden Market is here to fulfill a promise of happiness.

Sweetheart's philosophy is to put a smile on customers’ faces, by offering only fresh and pure treats prepared and baked in the shop, every day, using only basic and healthy ingredients. No margarines or chemistry; only fresh milk, pure British butter, free range eggs, and reasonable amounts of sugar. Old family recipes combined with contemporary cuisine, inspiration and creativity, along with lots of love is what Sweetheart do.

Their menu of cupcakes, layer cakes, everyday bakes and cookies varies every day to surprise customers and create a bouquet of flavours and treats. Gluten free or vegan choices are also part of their daily menu, for breakfast, afternoon tea or desert time.

Playful windows, beautiful cupcakes, mouth-watering layer-cakes set in a cosy and welcoming environment. Teacups touching their saucers, book pages turning, gentle conversations, a cappuccino steamer working, laughs and beautiful music. The heavenly smells of cake, biscuits or of a delicious apple crumble that just came out of the oven, mingles with aromas of freshly brewed coffee and intriguing tea blends, make our customers to reminisce happy childhood memories, an adventurous family trip or the smells of Christmas past.

Sweetheart's fresh and delicious cakes are available for you to take home, for your loved ones and can be ordered for a special anniversary or milestone you want to celebrate.

+44 (0)207 511 8618








sweetheart cakes covent garden