Activities for Kids

Looking for ways to keep your little ones busy at the moment? Then you have found the right place, Covent Garden has rounded up the best offering of activities from across the neighbourhood and beyond. We have colouring in sheets, toy theatres, how to create your own museum and so much more. Read on!

Your go to Half Term destination, London Transport Museum has put a number of its kid friendly resources online. Scroll down to find out how to make the museum come to life in your home.

Enjoy London Transport Museum’s wonderful collection of new winter stories for Under-5s. Hear about the four penguins that escaped from London Zoo and journeyed across London or follow a family’s winter day out, walking on the Southbank and riding the bus to see London’s landmarks and keeping warm on the Underground!

Watch the first story below and check out the rest here.

Make your own moquette


This moquette design features four ‘hidden’ landmarks. It is named after Christian Barman, who was one of the early commissioners of moquette designs. It was designed by Wallace Sewell in 2010

→ Download Barman

Elizabeth Line

This moquette was designed by Wallace Sewell for the Elizabeth Line in 2015.

→ Download Elizabeth Line


This design of moquette can be found on the seats in Routemaster buses. It was designed by Douglas Scott in the 1960s.

→ Download Routemaster

Make your own Museum

Make your own train

The London Transport Museum have lots of trains in their collection with different colours and designs. Which one will you colour yours to look like?

→ Download Train Template

Make your own taxi

Black taxis are a famous sight in London - there are around 21,000 in total!

→ Download Taxi Template

Make your own Routemaster

The Routemaster bus is one of London’s best known symbols. The London Transport Museum is home the first prototype in our collection, from 1954!

→ Download Train Template

Colouring in Sheets

Summer Sales

Try your hand at putting some colour in to the vintage poster.

→ Download Summer Sales

To The Zoo

Be inspired by Winter Stories and colour in the penguins.

→ Download To The Zoo


Spring to summer with this Wimbledon sheet.

→ Download Wimbledon
COP26 Together For Our Planet 1716

Enter the Creative Earth Competition

An art competition for young people across the UK has launched, with the winners having their artwork displayed at the COP26 Climate Change conference this year in Glasgow.

The Creative Earth competition is part of a UK Government initiative, Together for our Planet, and launched in collaboration with the WWF to encourage young people to use the power of art to capture their hopes and dreams for the planet in the future. For details on how to take part read on!

  • Download the template
  • Entrants can use the template in whatever way they choose; either print the template out and draw directly onto it, use computer software to create a graphic or draw the circle onto an A4 sheet of paper.
  • Whether it is green forests and garden cities, clear skies and wind turbines, or oceans teeming with life, children are being invited to paint, draw or design a piece of art that depicts how they would like our planet to look in the future.
  • All entries must be submitted, along with a completed entry form and a competition form signed by a parent or guardian, before 11.50pm on 5th April 2021
→ Find Out More Here
Benjamin Pollocks (1)

Put on a Show

Known in Victorian times as Juvenile Drama, toy theatres were originally made as souvenirs of live theatre, creating an ideal home entertainment. The Pollock’s Toy Theatre has inspired generations and long been a part of Britain’s theatrical heritage. Today they commission contemporary illustrators to add to the traditional collection.

A great toy theatre for kid's is Pollock's magnectic toy theatre, as well as the Peter Pan Shadow game which allows you to bring the classic story to life in a new and beauiful way.

→ Create Your Own Pollock's Mini Theatre