The Best of Vegan Food

Whether you’re celebrating 'Veganuary' or simply looking to try some meat-free dishes, Covent Garden is home to a huge range of delicious vegan dishes, restaurants and cafés, serving meals and snacks from breakfast through to dinner.

Not Just Any Cookie: Floozie Cookies

Floozie Cookie is a passion project by pastry chef Kimberly Lin who's worked everywhere from Claridge’s and The Savoy to Dominique Ansel Bakery.  Her James Street bakery serves up vegan stuffed cookies in five flavours and a seasonally changing sixth option.

You'll also be able to order a range of plant-based milks and hot chocolate at the bakery - or by delivery (the cookies are on Deliveroo and can be shipped nationwide).

Choose from Cinnamon Crunch to Pecan Pie and Celebration Cake.

The Vegan Top 10

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Vegan Avo Bun Burger

Head to Avobar, London’s first Avocado-only restaurant in Covent Garden, for the best vegan brunch in town. Over a third of the menu is vegan and undeniably delicious, with every dish on the menu championing the nation’s favourite green fruit. The majority of dishes can be adapted too, with plenty of vegan substitutions on the menu.

Spoil yourself with the Vegan Tacos and the OG Vegan Avo Bun Burger served with a side of vegan slaw and finish with the Avo Cheesecake for dessert.

→ Avobar

Vegan Macarons at Ladurée

We all know the challenges we face today; eating better, eating less, eating sustainably-made food that is healthy and protects the planet’s resources. How can one make that a reality with macarons? How can one sidestep the egg-white and sugar mix needed to make the double shell? How can Frenchmade pastry forget butter? It has required months of research, technical expertise, and the collective commitment of passionate teams to find the answers to those questions. And the result is striking; truly, you’ll be fooled.

Ladurée have launched two delicious vegan flavours; Coconut Caramel, a real sweet with really strong caramel notes. To make this work, they had to prepare a "butter without butter" composed of coconut oil, sunflower oil and soy milk. Chocolate, on the other hand, is a a promise of a safe bet, with really light woody and smoked notes. The team had to reinvent the ganache with a mix of millet, almond and hazelnut milks to achieve the perfect silky texture.

Available for click and collect and delivery here

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Sweet Potato Keralan Curry

Ivy Market Grill

Sweet Potato Keralan Curry

Discover a range of exciting and delicious vegan dishes at The Ivy Market Grill in the very heart of Covent Garden.

Opt for the creamy Sweet Potato Keralan Curry, made up of chickpeas, broccoli, coriander and coconut served with rice on the side, there's also over six vegan sides to choose from!

→ Ivy Market Grill
Meat Market Bugaloo


The Burgaloo

Featuring the plant-based goodness of House-Made Spiced Potato, Beetroot and Black Bean Patty, Red Onions, Pickles, Lettuce, Ketchup and Garlic Mayo, MEATliquor's Burgaloo does not skimp on taste and flavour.

Sitting above Jubilee Market, MEATliquor might not be your first thought for a vegan feast but between this dish, their Satan Fingers and Hash Browns we defy you not to go 'I can't believe its not meat' when the food taste this damn good.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden (2)

Cinnamon Bazaar

Discover Cinnamon Bazaar's selection of innovative and vibrant plant-based dishes where vegans and and non-vegans alike can indulge in a four-course vegan menu (£30 per person) inspired by the hustle and bustle of ancient and modern bazaars from around the world.

→ Cinnamon Bazaar
Balthazar Exterior (1)


Balthazar is something of a Covent Garden institution where you can enjoy a range of delicious dishes, whatever your dietary requirement. The vegan Baked Aubergine is served with roast pepper tapenade, almonds, pomegranate and mixed grains.

→ Balthazar