Just as the character of each neighbourhood where Cheaney has opened stores differs, so do their stores. Each one has a distinct feel that reflects the area and the profile of customers around it.

For the store on Henrietta Street, Cheaney has adopted the same approach. The historic street, which was named after Charles I’s wife Henrietta Maria, was once home to Jane Austin and was also the location of George Orwell’s publishing house. And it was on this site, that in 1754, William Shipley founded the RSA – ‘Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce’, which seems highly fitting for Cheaney and the community of brands that inhabit this street.

The store provides a clean and contemporary space for the brand, which celebrates craftsmanship. The elegance and proportions of the Grade II listed interior, with its high ceilings and large sash windows, are complemented by a pared back concept, with beautiful detailing, that aim to delight customers and tell Cheaney’s story.

The tall arched windows of the shopfront, provide clear views into the store, flooding the space with light. Inside, the front of the store provides a ‘gallery’ for footwear collections, the pale colour palette of this space is contrasted by the inky blue of the ‘lounge’ area towards the back of the store, where customers are fitted with their shoes.

As one of the latest areas to be repositioned in Covent Garden, Henrietta Street has quickly become a unique shopping hub, focused on offering informal and stylish menswear. It is a street where independent brands sit alongside relaxed restaurants and bars, forming a community of like-minded retailers. As well as being a tourist destination, there’s a fascinating mix of creative and commercial businesses in the area, resulting in an eclectic range of shoppers, which is what makes the street so interesting.





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Cheaney Covent Garden
Cheaney Covent Garden
Cheaney Covent Garden
Cheaney Covent Garden