Covent Garden Chila Burman Jeff Moore (6)

Chila Burman x Covent Garden

Do you see words in rainbows?
26th August until 10th October

Celebrate creativity in Covent Garden this autumn with our large scale neon wonderland. Visit the iconic London destination to be immersed in bright colours, intricate collages and uplifting words. If you can’t visit Covent Garden at the moment, scroll down to experience the installation in 3D.

Covent Garden Chila Burman Jeff Moore (5)
Explore Covent Garden's Neon Wonderland.

About the installation

Covent Garden is thrilled to announce that artist Chila Burman has taken over the historic Market Building with a new immersive large scale art installation. Launched on 26th August, Burman brings her vast neon sculptures into the South Hall of the Market Building, transforming the space into a giant neon wonderland. The installation will be in place until October.

Welcomed by the message “do you see words in rainbows” emblazoned in neon purple across the iconic entrance of the South Hall and Burman’s signature rich colours transform the inside of the Market Building into a bright spectacle. The installation features a distinctive floating neon octagon suspended from the centre of the Hall, sculptures of peacocks, tigers and snakes and bulls illuminating the space, plus uplifting words and collages throughout in incredible kaleidoscopic colours, all inspired by Burman’s Hindu Punjabi heritage and her bold vision.

The lights in the Market Building will be on daily from 7am until 12am and the James Street tiger will be on from 7am until 11pm.