Bubblewrap Waffle has recreated a historical street dessert from Hong Kong and was the first to bring this delicious treat to London. The sweet treat consists of a warm secret ingredient made waffle, topped with fresh gelato, fruit, cream, chocolate, sauce and biscuits. An indulgent and Instagram-worthy dessert, the Bubblewrap Waffle often releases limited - edition flavours and customers are encouraged to completely customise their Bubblewrap with ingredients that are chosen based on freshness, appearance and taste.

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The design of the Covent Garden store took inspiration from artist Donald Judd’s seemingly ephemeral artworks using durable materials and his careful choice of colour to express their material nature. The design also looked at the now disbanded Memphis Design Group as the core design framework that enhance the expression of colour in unexpected forms. The new space is the result of the two design origins juxtaposed to form a distinctive interior to match Bubblewrap’s brand.

The materials used are non-toxic and eco-friendly paper composite (made from recycled paper and phenolic resin) with a low carbon footprint. The feature counter-piece with its undulating edges and striking colour tone intensifies the theatrical effect of the artisanal process required to make each and every Bubblewrap waffle.

Specially illustrated postcards for the Covent Garden store designed to guide and help with the whole experience. Customers can also purchase and use them to send best wishes.

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