Coco Lom x Covent Garden

The talented abstract artist and designer Coco Lom has designed a range of ‘Blissful Benches’ which are now on our Piazza.

To support our February Food Festival, which features an exciting selection of innovative food pop ups, family friendly activities and exclusive food and drink offerings at restaurants across the neighbourhood throughout Half Term and into March, and a huge selection of pancakes for Pancake Day, Covent Garden has partnered with artist Coco Lom to bring you colourful seating!

Coco Lom is an abstract artist and designer, known for her joyful work featuring bold patterns and bright colours. The Covent Garden project is based on the theme of ‘Blissful Benches’ - eight benches, each celebrating a blissful sensation, including joy, laughter and togetherness, captured through colour and pattern.

Coco Lom Covent Garden Piazza 2022 (5)

“I was thrilled to work with Covent Garden on this new commission for a public art initiative, creating ‘Blissful Benches’ for all visitors to enjoy. Colour has the power to affect our body and behaviour. It influences our happiness, changes our mood and triggers different emotions. I hope to encourage people to share and celebrate joyful moments together in Covent Garden.”

About the benches


Joy can jump out at you from unexpected places.

Everything might look ordinary, and then suddenly life is lit up by the shapes and patterns around you. Take the time to look at the little things and explore some larger ones too - the satisfying stacks of colourful fruit in the market, the dappled shadows dancing on the cobbles underfoot, or the entrancing geometry within the surrounding architecture.

Tune in to the moments, however big or small, that bring you joy.


Covent Garden is famed for its cultural community, from opera and dance, to music, juggling and circus skills.

The eight Blissful Benches you can see around you form their own small family, bringing people together through the language of art.

What does community mean to you? What brings your community together?


Green is for Earth’s magnificent trees and plants. It’s the universal symbol for the health of our planet. Blue is for the sky and the mighty oceans that cover 70% of the world’s surface.

Together, they are home to birds and beasts and wonderful sea creatures of every shape and size and colour. Each is unique but relies on others to thrive and prosper.

What colour signifies togetherness for you?


We humans are attracted to curves, with scientists saying our brains feel safer around circles and arches. Euphoria can feel like a rush of intense excitement and happiness, while also feeling safe and stress-free. So, when it comes to Euphoria, patterns are bursting full of energy, a shivering rhapsody of wiggling lines and colours.

Whether it’s shaking your body to the rhythms in music or devouring the most delicious chocolatey dessert - what gives you a rush of happiness?


‘All You Need Is Love.’

Five simple words by the Beatles in 1967, that went around the world in the first ever live global television link to more than 400 million people in 25 countries. Lennon’s lyrics are easily understood by everyone, and the message is as clear today as it was then – love is everything.

What sets your heart on fire? The pale pink of cherry blossom bloom, or a new pair of deep red trainers? Choose your colour and tell those you love how much you love them – now!


Laughter is powerful. Each glorious giggle reduces our stress and increases our endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our bodies. Laughter is contagious, with the sounds of distant laughter triggering our own face muscles to beam a smile.  Laughter is mighty, so why do we laugh less as we grow older? Children laugh around 300 times a day, but as we become adults, that soon drops to only 17 chuckles a day.

What makes you roar with laughter? What tickles your funny bone? Release those inner ripples of giggles and spread the warmth of laughter.


The world is agreed on one thing - it’s favourite colour is blue.

Surveys across 10 countries and four continents have shown this calm and healing hue to be the standout winner. Perhaps it’s because it reflects the peace of a clear blue sky or the tranquility of our turquoise oceans.

When did you last immerse yourself in blue? What’s your favourite colour?


This table celebrates the Covent Garden Piazza (a public marketplace or square) and Terrazzo (the ancient Venetian art of mixing marble fragments into gloriously patterned surfaces). The playful mosaic of colours is scattered like confetti (another Italian word!) across the table top.

How many different colours can you see?

Coco Lom Covent Garden Piazza 2022 (4)

To find out more about artist Coco Lom, visit and on instagram @_cocolom_