Henrietta Street Style

Walking the streets of London is one of my most loved pastimes. The city's charm lies in a curious combination of structural history and transient culture - the world where old buildings meet new people. The most iconic of these is Covent Garden.

The red of the telephone box beside the white of the sandstone. The lifelong residents beside the first time travellers. It represents typical London in the fact that it is a-typical. This is never more apparent than in the emergence of Henrietta Street as a Mecca for stylish men. Tucked on the south side of the grandly popular Piazza, in the former buildings of St Peters Hospital, you'll discover a hidden world at the eye of the storm and leave as the best dressed man in Britain. 


I first started shopping regularly on this street because of the mixture of brands. Nigel Cabourn sits opposite The Real McCoys, two giants in workwear inspired gear. Jump two doors down and the shopkeeper at Club Monaco will sort me out with a great shirt. The magic behind all this is authenticity. It's a true experience that goes beyond the superb clothing I've come to browse. 


The old saying goes that standing at Piccadilly Circus for long will enable you to meet everyone in the world. If this is true, I like to think sticking to Henrietta Street will mean you'll meet the most interesting. As a photographer, it's my go-to for men's style. Here I photographed seven of the best men I've met on Henrietta Street, shooting each with their ultimate brand of choice. 

The Stores

Fred Perry 

An iconic British brand. Today they're pushing the boundaries beyond the expected, earning the affections of a new generation of creative men like Greg. 


fred perry covent garden garcon jon street style


Club Monaco 

Timeless menswear with a unique store design. The curated range of products is what brought Suki to the store originally and his overcoat shows their dedication to classic accessible tailoring. 


club monaco covent garden garcon jon street style



Founded in 1947, their history is testament to their dedication to denim. Gwilym wears some pale wash jeans for the new season with effortless charm. 


edwin covent garden garcon jon street style

Nigel Cabourn

An icon in the world of menswear with enough charm to fill a room. Chris shows the design aesthetic perfectly, with a trained eye for mixing formalwear and practicality. Before you can break the rules, you need to master them. 


nigel cabourn covent garden garcon jon street style


Oliver Sweeney

Known for the brogue but now a fully fleshed menswear clothiers, artist George brings that British irreverence to life (on the way back from the florist). 


oliver sweeney covent garden garcon jon street style


Real McCoy’s

Americana comes to London in the form of iconic pieces like a leather aviator jacket and army fatigues, replicated to the millimetre. Being selected by an editor at Esquire Magazine (Charlie) and a vintage collector (Scott) has got to be a good sign. 


real mccoys covent garden garcon jon street style



Cheaney’s store on Henrietta Street will open in early Spring 2017. The concept for the store will present a contemporary take on the art of shoe making, with subtle detailing and materials, which provide a nod to Cheaney’s craft and the brand’s ‘Made in England’ heritage.