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alexander interiors

Alexander Interiors

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Alexander Interiors was founded in 1999 by Juliana Alexander, who trained as an interior designer and is passionate about stylish living. Juliana had a vision of creating candles that lasted and, unlike conventional candles, looked attractive even once they had been lit.

By experimenting with different blends of candle wax, she perfected the blend pressed into wax crystals that today is the signature product of Alexander Interiors.

Alexander Interiors believe strong functional design is not a matter of choice but of necessity. Innovation sets us apart from the rest and their contemporary range of candles proves that synergy can be aesthetically beautiful. Wax crystals, beautiful wooden candle boxes and a bit of imagination are our essential design elements, we’ve dealt with the former and now the rest is up to you

The wax crystals are made from a variety of different types of waxes and compressed into a tiny crystal form.  Each crystal possesses a flat glass like surface which reflects light beautifully and as a result glistens and sparkles like snow when confronted with direct light.

The wax crystals have a higher melting point and as a result burn much slower. A 800g bag of wax will last for a total of 120 hours. Each bag includes 10 wicks which will burn all the wax in the bag, and each wick can be lit and relit for a total burning time of 10 – 12 hours.

After you have lit and relit the wick and enjoyed the twelve hour burning time the flame will eventually go out as there is no more wick left. Let the wax bubble which is still hot and molten cool down and solidify, this will take about five to ten minutes.

Not only does the candle look as clean and crisp as the day you bought it but you have another nine wicks which each have a twelve hour burning time. 





alexander interiors