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Tint London Shoes Apple Market
Tint London Shoes Apple Market

Tint London

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Tint London is more than refining an old tradition; they are shaping and creating something wonderful and new by getting inspiration from old traditional Oxford Brogues, and bringing the best quality leather together to create more comfortable and stylish shoes. Guided by colour combinations and best materials, Tint London uses the best craftsmanship techniques to create playful and comfortable shoes. To achieve optimal comfort, all their shoes are handmade and are padded with extra cushions making sure every step you make in our shoes will be full of pleasure.

Every leather used is deep dyed which ensures the colour goes throughout the leather and doesn’t fade with age. Tint London aims to give customers great, comfortable and durable product and that is achievable only because all components, including the shoe sole, are made out of the most premium leathers.

Since 2006, Nina, founder of Tint London, has moved from a small town in Serbia to London to follow her inner creative drive. She attended University at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion from where she graduated in BA Costume Design for Performance. After graduation she embarked on a creative journey working as a freelancer and developing different projects focused mainly on clothing and art. That brought her to discover her favourite material, leather, because of its delicate production process. As she started to engage more with leather she decided to learn more about the craftsmanship of shoe making. One thing led to another and she decided to make collection of handcrafted leather shoes. Every single shoe is carefully created and designed by Nina and her team who make sure that every pair is an artwork.




Tint London Shoes Apple Market