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Zara Design sell jewellery in Covent Garden Market.
Zara Design sell jewellery in Covent Garden Market.

Zara Design

Opening Hours

TUE, FRI & SAT: 10.30AM - 6PM

Zara Design is a small family business making jewellery from their own handmade glass beads and quirky ceramic animal brooches and earrings.

As everything is handmade, all of their products are unique. Zara Design offers a great value for money for discerning customers who value classic products from real craftspeople. 

Having trained in Murano for about eight years, they specialise in glass beads that incorporate white gold, gold and/or quartz that give the rich timeless elegance associated with Venice, and the high-end range of Italian fashion. They also have a stunning selection of glass rings, many of which we sell to Venetians who "borrow" the designs.

Having lived and worked in the UK for the past twenty years or so, Zara Design’s products have their own style, and often take inspiration from world famous artists, such as their Klimt range.

More recently Zara Design has started an individualistic range of ceramic animals. These are instantly recognisable with their own quirky and artistic designs. These truly wonderful creations make ideal fashion accessories for the wearer and are really cute. As gifts they are unsurpassed.

You are very welcome to visit their website at from where they ship orders worldwide promptly. However, as glass and ceramic artists, the work is constantly evolving and being updated. Therefore it is suggested that you visit the internationally acclaimed crafts market in Covent Garden.

Zara Design is always keen to get feedback and welcome suggestions for further advancing their craft, products and designs. Zara Design also offers free alterations to the jewellery while you wait.

020 8949 6093



Zara Design sell jewellery in Covent Garden Market.