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Original Penguin covent garden
Original Penguin covent garden

Original Penguin

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MON - WED: 10AM - 8PM
SUN: 12PM - 6PM

In 1955, Minneapolis based Munsingwear introduced the first iconic golf shirt to America.  The story goes, one of Munsingwear’s salesmen spotted a stuffed penguin in the window of a New York taxidermist and bought it. 

Before long, the penguin became the official mascot of the brand making its first appearance on the 55 golf shirt.  In the 50’s and 60’s Original Penguin was worn by everybody from sporting hero’s to celebrities such as: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood, and Richard Nixon, to name a few. Today Original Penguin has evolved into a complete lifestyle brand.

A full collection of Menswear, Fragrance and Accessories are available in the Covent Garden store.

This season’s story is a blending of two key concepts to create an original theme. For Spring Summer 2017, Original Penguin looks back at their authentic heritage and out to the Safari for an equal part mashup of fun and functionality. This creates a unique moment that nods to the world of retro sport whilst infusing utilitarian practicality.

Clean coloured blocked lines play with athletic stripes that juxtapose rugged textural fabrics. Hero logos, geometric patterns and animal prints speak to a vibe that is both active and firmly rooted in a casual lifestyle.

A bouquet of new florals usher in a focused palette that’s to the point. Sporty colours of Samba Red and Diva Blue mix seamlessly with tones of coral and teal. All together forming a collection that is ‘original’ even by the wildest of standards.


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Original Penguin covent garden