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real mccoys covent garden henrietta street london mesnwear
real mccoys covent garden henrietta street london mesnwear

The Real McCoy's

Opening Hours

MON - WED: 11AM - 6.30PM 
THU: 11AM - 7PM
FRI & SAT: 11AM - 6.30PM

The Real McCoy's is located on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, London's emerging shopping destination for menswear.

The cult Japanese vintage brand is renowned for its signature hand-crafted denim, boots, A-2 flight jackets, US Navy classics and loop wheel sweats.

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The Real McCoy's denim hemming service is done in true vintage style with a 43200G Union Special first model chain stitching machine, the very same machine that Levi's used back in the days to finish their jeans. After you soak your new jeans for about 30 minutes, in mild luke-warm water the jeans will have shrunk about 1.5 to 2 inches in length. After this process we recommend having them hemmed to your optimum length. The Chain stiching machine will give a nice vintage roping effect to the new hem and it will get better with washing and wear due to the tension the machine gives. We can shorten any denim jeans for a small charge of £20, and of course all McCoy's denim jeans are free of charge!


About Henrietta Street

Henrietta Street is a new hub for leading international menswear brands. The street boasts a roster of exclusive, emerging and established labels, and a wide range of collections from premium streetwear to casual suiting.

Featured in the April 2015 issue of Monocle, the global affairs and lifestyle magazine said Covent Garden “has created a new shopping street focused on informal and stylish menswear in the heart of London. Small, independent brands are complemented by relaxed restaurants and bars. Henrietta Street has been turned into a unique shopping hub as this close-knit community of retailers and restaurateurs draws in a discerning crowd.

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020 7836 9490



real mccoys covent garden henrietta street london mesnwear