Covent Garden Grind

Following the success of Shoreditch, Soho, London, Holborn and Soho Radio, the Grind team is excited to open their sixth site, Covent Garden Grind. With its connections to music and culture, Covent Garden provides the perfect backdrop for Grind’s electric, fast paced attitude.

Born from a desire to recreate the espresso taste found in Melbourne, Grind worked with a small boutique roaster to create the bespoke Grind House Blend. Bold in flavour and roasted daily, their coffee has put the Grind firmly on the map as some of the busiest and most recognisable restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars in London.

As well as the signature coffee Covent Garden Grind will introduce a new counter offer, perfect for commuters and tourists to grab on the go. An array of tempting flatbreads breads including Black Flatbread made with squid ink and filled with chicken, aioli, pickles and tomatoes, Pink Flatbread made with beetroot and stuffed with avocado, hummus and gherkins and Green Flatbread made with spirulina and packed with prawns peppers and baby gem make Covent Garden Grind the perfect lunch spot for one of London’s busiest boroughs.

Those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle can take a seat and tuck into the range of tempting breakfast and all day dishes on offer. From smashed avocado and chilli on toast, Kaniwa-rolled eggs with pickled asparagus and an array of cold pressed juices and smoothie bowls. Into the early evening, Grind will be serving plates of smoked mozzarella and olives, mouth-watering Veal meatballs with tomato soup and truffle cheese, alongside the latest health food trend - Rye tofu sandwiches.





SAT - SUN: 9AM - 7PM

covent garden grind
covent garden grind
covent garden grind
covent garden grind