Luxury Piercing with The Alkemistry

The Alkemistry’s focus lies in creating the most luxurious and comfortable environment possible. From specialised drinks that calm and soothe, to a complimentary goody bag, each part of their piercing service has been carefully designed with your wellbeing in mind. 

They only ever pierce with pure gold, which is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and tarnish-free. They employ the most talented, highly trained staff to guide you through your experience and help you feel perfectly at ease.


25 minutes

£25 per piercing plus jewellery

Already know which piercing you’d like? Simply arrive 10 minutes before your booking to choose your piercing jewellery. Then enjoy a calming drink before relaxing back into our comfortable vintage chair, under a canopy of ivy to be pierced.


45 minutes

£75 for up to three piercings, plus jewellery

We now offer a personalised ear styling consultation prior to your piercing. Here, our in-house piercer will help you curate a new look based on the outcome you’d like, your ear shape and any existing piercings.

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