The Alkemistry

The Alkemistry's flagship store opened in December 2018. It’s laid out following the principles of Feng Shui giving a serene and inspiring feel. Its design depicts the four elements of alchemy; Air, Water, Fire and Earth, through atmospheric lighting, soft earthy hues and nature inspired elements.

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The Alkemistry is a place for women that seek more from their jewellery. The brand design jewellery with a philosophy in mind; that luxury should evoke feeling. Feeling empowered, feeling connected or simply feeling you. They celebrate life’s magic through an aesthetic that’s fresh and experimental – whilst always ensuring their jewels are wearable and timeless. Each piece is made to be treasured for a lifetime, crafted from pure gold, diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones.

As a multi-brand concept The Alkemistry proudly support small, independent businesses. Alongside their own exclusive designs, you’ll find pieces from international female jewellers. This family of designers borrow inspiration from the strong women around them and as a result create the most beautiful, luxury jewellery – jewellery that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Introducing Hive - Welded Jewellery

Everlasting and made bespoke for you, just as jewellery should be! Inspired by the powerful bonds within the beehive, our Hive collection celebrates female strength. Using innovative technology that allows us to bespoke fit and weld together necklaces, bracelets and rings to wear forever.

Simply choose your preferred 18ct solid gold honeycomb or shimmering chain and we'll measure it to fit you perfectly. Our skilled jeweller will laser weld your bespoke meaning no clasp is necessary.

→ Introducing Hive by the Alkemistry
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Introducing Aura Reading at The Alkemistry

Visit Alkemistry's flagship store on Floral Street, Covent Garden for Aura Reading.

Using innovative technology to read your energy, you will receive a polaroid photograph and information on the colours and positioning of your aura. Afterwards, you can have your aura colours interweaved with 18ct gold thread afterwards to create a luxury bespoke piece to last forever.

Dogs and children welcome!

→ Introducing Aura Reading at The Alkemistry