Rock 'n' Clock

With a degree in engineering and a body of work in areas ranging from architecture, to magazine design and illustration, Nenad was never likely to make conventional clocks. His creations do show time, but in a rather quirky way, and always through beautiful, original designs. The “Renaissance Man” approach to the task of designing and manufacturing, results in creations that are a combination of Science and Art in perfect harmony.

Original, cutting-edge clocks with a unique way of showing time. Each clock is a piece of art that is also a bit of a mind puzzle. The eye catching designs are mostly made of stainless steel, sometimes combined with acrylic. From the Tesla clock, which with intricate maths behind its mind boggling way of showing time, pays homage to the great Serbian scientist Nikola Telsa, to the Galileo clock and its central 'gear' plate that moves in honour of the famed Italian astronomer, from the Sound-wave, the Quaver note and the Treble Clef designs that are loved by music admirers, to the Galaxy and Saturn models that bring celestial beauty to the time pieces, Nenad's designs offer something for everyone.


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