Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson is an eyewear brand that believes people should pay only for the craft of a product, not a brand's shiny logo or expensive marketing budget. By stripping away all factors that add unnecessary cost to a product; including the distributors and wholesalers, Bailey Nelson ensures their customers pay no more than an honest price. The final outcome is a collection of hand crafted, high quality and original designs that confidently stand next to industry heavyweights, minus the heavily inflated price tag.

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Bailey Nelson offers a range of bespoke product lines consisting of opticals, sunglasses and eyewear accessories, all designed by their small creative team based in Sydney. With acetates from Italy, hinges from Germany, as well as stainless steel and beta titanium from Japan, Bailey Nelson combine high-quality materials with responsible, handmade production.

Their factories in China are some of the best in the world and they have been working closely with a team of craftspeople for a number of years. Bailey Nelson is committed to launching new collections every single month and their stores are backed by an expert team dedicated to analysing sales data and global trends to ensure up-to-date and in-demand eyewear styles are always in store.


Founded in Bondi Beach, Australia in 2012, Bailey Nelson has quickly grown into a global brand lead by an incredible team with boutiques in Australia, London, Canada and New Zealand.

Put simply, buying glasses should be one of life’s pleasures. And Bailey Nelson has created a formula to make it one, by crafting eyewear that’s both beautiful and affordable as well as hiring people who are passionate and genuine. Their vision is to right the wrongs of the eyewear industry - positively and permanently; and whilst they’re at it, empower individuality and self-expression through beautiful, affordable eyewear, inviting stores and incredible people. It’s the Bailey Nelson way.


Free Eye Tests

Some people see glasses as an accessory, but for others, well without them they can't see anything at all. Bailey Nelson's approach to eye exams is just a little bit different. Bailey Nelson start with a process that's equal parts relaxed and professional, and they only partner with optometrists who are passionate and genuine.

The eye test fee is £25, but free with the purchase of glasses and all appointments are with a qualified and certified optometrist. Book yours today!

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