On Henrietta Street you will find the official K-Way store in the UK, they are also one of the few stores in London with a Plug@sell system where customer can scan any item in the store and it will give them a description of the product, variation of colour, sizes and also price. With the store specialising in packable waterproof jacket and its wide range of bright colour stock leading with jacket, clothing and accessories.

Every new customer that registers to K-Way BasicNet card they will receive 10% off the first £100 spent.

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Plasma, digital factotums and iPads – strategically placed in sales areas and shop windows – allow customers and staff to locate every item, view price, sizes, colors and materials, obtain all the info on the K-Way® products in store, and receive updated information on promotions, discounts and news in real time.

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In February 2004 K-Way became part of the BasicNet Group portfolio and today it can be defined as one of the few global notorious brand since mentioned in several dictionaries.