Loot Vintage

You're unique. Impossible to replicate. Your clothes should be too. They sing your introduction music to the world, they're your personal theme tune, they should express your human essence and 'to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment'.

Loot Vintage Covent Garden (5)
Loot Vintage Covent Garden (2)

Fast fashion is mass produced, poorly and unethically made and is literally costing the earth.

People want to shop vintage to a) lessen their impact on the environment and b) find that individual item that represents them, that no one else has! Shopping with Loot solves both those problems!

We must look forward, which is why as a brand we are committed to being a company that always celebrates the artistic and creative expression of youth culture to vocalise and ascend into the new movements of the future, forcing constant change and evolution for the better.

About Loot

We aim to bring a fresh approach to shopping vintage clothing. An amalgamation of the
excitement when there are 6000 hand picked items ready to be explored and the elation you
feel when you can actually find your size. A huge amount of time and effort from our hand
pick team goes into creating broad size offerings in all of your vintage favourites, which is
then backed with a constant focus from our London team making sure the shopping
experience is unique and enjoyable.