Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot is the style of a woman who assumes her femininity.

From the outset, the label has remained loyal to Parisian elegance. Claudie Pierlot favours beautiful materials, quality finishes and elegant prints. More classic, certain pieces are still on sale that contributed to the success of the label. Women continue to appreciate its famous striped mariner-style jersey, Peter Pan collar and indispensable little silk dresses.

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No longer with us, the spirit of Claudie Pierlot still lives on today. Sisters Evelyne Chétrite and Judith Milgrom show their commitment to preserve the identity of this label they love, with a touch of modernity. The new Claudie Pierlot collections are frequently updated respecting its original style.

Claudie Pierlot and Annick Goutal

Ignoring trends, Claudie Pierlot and Annick Goutal have always shared the same taste for elegance. The two houses gather today around an exclusive collaboration : the petite chérie parfume revamped by Claudie Pierlot on one hand, a capsule inspired by the famous fragrance on the other.

This is an entirely floral collection, where a liberty pattern and an explosion of multi-coloured

And oversize flowers jostles the generous lengths and flirty ruffles that Claudie Pierlot envisaged as the embodiment of petite chérie.

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