K-Way® opens its first English shop without a cash register in Covent Garden

K-Way® is proud to announce the opening of its first Plug@sell store in the UK: at 4 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London. The 140 square meters hi-tech and cash register-free store is characterized by great attention to colour – one of the brand's creative elements – and is opening stocking the entire K-Way® Q1Q2 2017 (spring-summer) collection.

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It’s a Plug@sell store – fast, flexible, reliable – where, thanks to a tablet, every shop assistant can carry out all the duties of a traditional cash register. Customers will be able to pay for their purchases anywhere in the store, in real time, without having to wait or queue. A commodity that will soon be a standard of all K-Way® stores.

Plasma, digital factotums and iPads – strategically placed in sales areas and shop windows – allow customers and staff to locate every item, view price, sizes, colors and materials, obtain all the info on the K-Way® products in store, and receive updated information on promotions, discounts and news in real time.

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The technology also regards single products. Every K-Way® item features a unique number and QR code that may be scanned with a smartphone. The QR code links to basiclabels.net, to obtain all the information on production, traceability and authenticity of K-Way® products. A true “digital footprint” that works like an ID card and that can also be viewed more traditionally by entering the unique number on the BasicLabels homepage.