Lulu Guinness

Quintessentially British, Lulu Guinness is an iconic handbag brand with a legacy-making heritage - as the originator of witty, playful bags to place proudly on the table, not on the floor.

With a history of creating memorable, talked-about, work-of-art designs, Lulu Guinness is a global accessories destination for independently stylish women looking to make an individual statement. Lulu’s are bags to treasure, not throw away.

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Now, 30 years since its inception, this artistic spirit and irreverent sense of fun lives on with wearable, seasonal collections drawing on cultural references that range from the great British pub to the modern monarchy and, always, with a nod to the more subversive side of the female psyche.

It’s all in the hidden details… Look closer and you’ll see it’s a Lulu.

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