Maison Margiela REPLICA

Maison Margiela REPLICA is a collection of fragrances and candles inspired by memories: from a Jazz Club in New York to a Lazy Sunday Morning in bed, these scents transport you to another time and place. Visit us to find the perfect gift or treat yourself, and experience the scents your memories are made of in an immersive pop up store which brings these memories to life. Experience the memories in different areas of the store: head downstairs to see the Jazz Club and the cosy By the Fireplace area, and venture through the curtain to discover the secret disco room.

Our fragrance experts will help you find the perfect fragrance, which you can personalise with custom typewritten labels, polaroid photo pouches, and complimentary gift wrapping: to create a fragrance that is one-of-a-kind.

About Maison Margiela REPLICA

In 1994, Maison Margiela created REPLICA, a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by garments collected from around the world and chosen for the universality and timelessness of their style and history. Each garment is reproduced identically and is marked with a plain white label indicating its provenance, period, and style description.

Inspired by the collection of clothing and accessories, the REPLICA fragrances capture memories that we all share. Every scent instantly evokes images, impressions, and positive emotions that echo the collective unconscious as well as our own personal history.