Introducing Hive by the Alkemistry

Introducing a new incredible service called Hive from luxury jewellery brand The Alkemistry.

Everlasting and made bespoke for you, just as jewellery should be! The Alkemistry invites you to create your own unique piece which is measure precisely to fit then laser welded on with no catch.

Choose your gemstone, play with the design or just leave plain, either way this magical piece will forever symbolise a meaningful connection to yourself and women around you with £5 of every sale going to female empowerment charity.

Choose from three gold colours and two thickness of their honeycomb style chain that fits together perfectly for that strong bond. All chains are exclusively 18ct gold and made in the UK

Choose from gemstones such as diamond, ruby, black spinel, emerald, sapphire and more.

Prices start at £95 for a ring, £195 for a bracelet, £295 for an anklet and £395 for a necklace.