Introducing Hive by the Alkemistry

Introducing a new incredible service called Hive from luxury jewellery brand The Alkemistry.

Everlasting and made bespoke for you, just as jewellery should be! Inspired by the powerful bonds within the beehive, our Hive collection celebrates female strength. Using innovative technology that allows us to bespoke fit and weld together necklaces, bracelets and rings to wear forever.

Simply choose from your preferred 18ct solid gold honeycomb or shimmer chain and we’ll measure it to fit you perfectly. Our skilled jewellers will laser weld your bespoke meaning. No clasp is necessary.

Choose from three gold colours, two styles, and two thicknesses. All chains are exclusively 18ct gold and made in the UK.

Prices start at £125 for a ring, £225 for a bracelet, and £595 for a necklace.