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Covent Garden.
Covent Garden.

Beano The Clown

In my street show, I combine the traditional art of hat juggling and the big stunt of escapology.

After juggling three hats in different ways and balancing them with an umbrella, I am tied up in a regulation straightjacket and twelve metres of heavy chain. Before the escape, i perform one more incredible trick: as the straightjacket and chains slow my blood circulation and my breathing, I juggle all three hats on my head.

My finalé is the dramatic escape, with music and comedy.

Escapology is a big circus stunt, and a symbol of freedom.

Although I work as a clown in children's parties and corporate events, and have a theatre show, I am dedicated to the purity of street theatre as an art form. Everyone can enjoy it, and it benefits communities and business.

Covent Garden is the most prestigious street theatre in the world, and working here is a priviledge.


Beano The Clown Covent Garden.