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Covent Garden
Covent Garden

Tony Roberts

International street escapologist, Tony Roberts has been bringing laughter and amazement into audiences' lives for the last eight years, playing festivals and street pitches including the Edinburgh Fringe, Auckland International Buskers Festival, Adelaide Fringe and many more.  

After being wrapped in chains and shackled to a tennis racquet by his two volunteers, Tony bets his volunteers £20 he can escape in under two minutes, if he does, he wins the bet, if not, the volunteers win the money.

How does he do it? You'll have to come to Covent Garden and figure that out for yourself! Tony Roberts is also an experienced stand-up, MC and card specialist magician who regularly performs seasons on the International Fringe Festival circuit.  

“Arriving half way through his act I found the modern day Houdini.. Roberts drew one of the biggest crowds of the day and justified the attention.” **** NZ Herald


Tony Roberts comedy, escapologist and magician in Covent Garden London.