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Good France with Frenchie Covent Garden
Good France with Frenchie Covent Garden

Celebrate Good France with Frenchie

Date: 21ST MARCH

Frenchie Covent Garden will be part of Good France 2017!

On Tuesday 21st March (first day of Spring) Frenchie in Covent Garden will be hosting a very special night full of Frenchie savoir-faire!

On the night more than 2,000 chefs on 5 continents will cook a dinner to pay tribute to the French cuisine. Chef Greg Marchand and his team will design a special Tasting Menu for you this night. The menu on the night will emphasize vegetables to represent the values of healthy eating by reducing fat, sugar, and salt content, as well as the values of environmental responsibility.

For a quick culinary trip to France, book your table at Frenchie Covent Garden ASAP! Bon Appétit!

About Good France

Chefs from all over the world will cook a dinner to pay tribute to the excellence of French cuisine and its capacity to innovate and unite people around the common values of sharing and enjoyment in a planet-friendly and healthy way.

The aim is to showcase the French lifestyle, regional products and, more broadly, to promote France as a tourist destination worldwide.

An international selection committee of chefs will approve the list of participating chefs. The Committee will assess the coherence and quality of the menus proposed by the restaurants that have signed up in their respective geographic areas.






Good France with Frenchie Covent Garden