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Miller Harris Bath and Body Collection
Miller Harris Bath and Body Collection

Introducing Miller Harris' Bath and Body Collection


We are thrilled to announce Miller Harris has launched its Bath and Body Collection in their Covent Garden store!

Each formulation has been specifically developed to enrich the skin. Miller Harris is renowned for using a high level of natural ingredients across their collection and the Bath and Body Collection is no exception.

Four of Miller Harris’ favourite scents have been transformed, each with unique offerings;

Rose Silence,  Lumière Dorée, Feuilles de Tabac and Tea Tonique. The entire collection is Paraben and Lanolin free.

Launched in 2015, Rose Silence has quickly become one of Miller Harris’ signature fragrances. Rose Silence elicits a solitary rose and an intimate embrace. Enjoy the fragrance in a body wash, body cream and bath oil.

Part of a pair of fragrances launched in 2016, Lumière Dorée is the early sunshine, dipped in gold. A shower of light, citrus freshness and intoxicating floralcy create luminosity and excitement, now available in a hand cream, body lotion, body scrub and body wash.

Insanely androgynous, Feuilles de Tabac is inspired by the smoky atmosphere of brasseries in Saint Germain. Addictive and rich, bitter yet fiery, cooling but smouldering this scent can now be enjoyed as an aftershave balm and body wash.

Part of the Editions collection, Tea Tonique celebrates the energising and restorative powers of tea. A swirl of fresh steam, smoky and aromatic with an unpredictable character available in a hand lotion and hand wash.




Miller Harris Bath and Body Collection