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kiko covent garden valentines day collection
kiko covent garden valentines day collection

KIKO's Valentine's Day Collection


This promotion is now over

KIKO introduces Matte for You: the collection that celebrates one of the coolest trends of the moment, the ultra-matte velvety colour.

KIKO is dedicating Matte For You to all the best friends out there and the unique bond that exists between them. Their relationship is as intense as the matte colours of the collection.

The collection includes:

MuIticolour Blush - The touch of pink on the cheeks offered by the silky blush in the collection, choose from three delicate shades, with a matte finish in one single product, made even more special by the romantic heart-shaped decorations of the palette. For the application of MuIticolour Blush the collection also includes an original, fun heart shaped brunsh

Heart-Shaped Lipstick - And for a kiss-proof lip effect, ultra-pigmented lipsticks in five different matte shades with a comfortable, enveloping texture and super matte finish. The lips steal the show: they sport a bold, high-impact colour which enhances the shape and accentuates the sensuality.

The new Matte for you collection is pure fun. It means refusing to settle for less, daring to be bold. 





kiko covent garden valentines day collection