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Late Debate: Technology and the Future
Late Debate: Technology and the Future

Late Debate: Technology and the Future at London Transport Museum


Travel to the future and circuit train that brain during London Transport Museum’s next Late Debate on Wednesday 29 November from 18:45 to 22:00. This evening event will explore technology and the future. Guests will be able to enjoy a range of interactive talks, debates and workshops with leading industry experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, disruptors and innovators, as well as networking at the bar and exploring the Museum’s wonderful collection after hours.

Highlights on the night include:

Get stuck in! Debate with leading experts on whether London is ready for the fourth industrial revolution - from delivery drones to driverless vehicles, find out how advancing technology is changing our behaviours, communities and environments and have your say.

Get Disruptive! Join Hack Partners to find out how they run Hackathons on trains across Europe to solve problems in the rail industry. Explore how the disruptors of today are creating completely new markets for tomorrow. Then take part in a special workshop to come up with your own innovations – including a chance to win a London Transport Museum Hidden London Tour.

Get Creative! Get stuck in and make a moving Crafty Robot that is battery free. The Crafty Robot is just one of the projects of innovator Ross Atkin. Head to the ‘Take On Tomorrow’s World’ debate to hear Ross and others present innovative concepts, wacky inventions and futuristic innovations.

Get brainy! Let Kate Jeffery, neuroscientist and director of the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL, take you on a walk from your brain’s point of view. No matter what technology you use, your brain creates its own map of your surroundings – it’s called the cognitive map. Learn how the brain does this, and how the brain knows how and where you are and where to go. Find out how our use of technology is affecting our brains’ ability to navigate.

Tickets to the Late Debate cost £15 (£12 concessions) and are for adults only (18+).

Tickets can be bought online at Guests who enter the code LDNov20 save 20% when you book online.

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Late Debate: Technology and the Future