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Create your own Magnum ice-cream
Choose your own toppings on a Magnum

The Magnum Pleasure Store


This store is closed.

Why not visit GodivaLaduree or Ben's Cookies.   

Beat the heat this summer with an indulgent, personalised, freshly-dipped ice-cream from the Magnum Pleasure Store.

Choose your own selection of tempting toppings from thousands of flavour combinations from rose petals to black lava sea salt. Magnum’s specially trained Pleasure Makers will then sprinkle your toppings over deliciously luxurious chocolate as it sets. Each ice-cream creation will be perfected with a drizzle of chocolate and the finishing touch – a classic M coin decoration – all for only £4.50.

The Magnum Pleasure Store has been designed with the Magnum Dipping Bar at its heart surrounded by a mix of seating and standing areas. It’ll prove the perfect pit stop for shoppers to enjoy Magnum chocolate and ice cream.

Ice-cream loving fashionistas should click here for details on how to win a Magnum-inspired Key to Pleasure necklace designed by Holly Fulton. The pendant’s smooth curves are a homage to the famous silhouette of a Magnum ice cream and the keyhole motif references the special privileges granted to its wearer – free ice-creams* from the Magnum Pleasure Store all summer. 


The Magnum Pleasure Store in Covent Garden