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Balthazar Covent Garden
Balthazar Covent Garden

'Mixing in the Right Circles' from Balthazar


In 'Mixing in the Right Circles', the book that Balthazar’s Brian Silva has penned the beauty of the classic, unadulterated cocktails that he champions really shines through. He gives a comprehensive overview of bar equipment, language and measures, not to mention glassware and garnishes, before launching into the drinks that have bought him and many others so much joy over the years. Martinis & Straight Up; Whisky, Rum & On The Rocks; Long Drinks; Margaritas etc; Balthazar Specials; Collins, Sours & Fizz; After Dinner; Disco & Retro; Morning After; Brunch, No Booze & Festive are all covered in meticulous detail, with Silva’s voice recounting some of his, or indeed more general, history behind the liquor.

Brian Silva is as personable and knowledgeable as you’d expect the Bar Manager of Balthazar to be, but there are many layers to him which are not immediately obvious. If you get chatting to him at the bar, he’ll regale you with tales of bartenders and bars gone by, of rare spirits that he’s collected over the years, of extraordinary customers that he’s served, and of the epic bars that he’s made his own since he began in the business over 30 years ago. The word is overused in most circumstances, but in Silva’s case, it’s particularly fitting – he is a legend. His signature style of classicism and simplicity has garnered him fans the world over. He’s a no nonsense bartender. His maxim in life: “I’ve always believed that the first duty of a good cocktail maker is to make good drinks: made right, tasting right – balanced.”

“Mixing in the Right Circles” will be available to buy at Balthazar Covent Garden and will cost £20. 



Balthazar Covent Garden