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Bailey Nelson Covent Garden
Bailey Nelson Covent Garden

Tales of Covent Garden: Bailey Nelson

Welcome to the next feature in our on-going content called Tales of Covent Garden! Each month, Covent Garden will be bringing you exclusive interviews of the people who live, work and love Covent Garden. Next, we speak to JC from Bailey Nelson. 

Who are you, where do you work and what do you do?

My name is JC and I work at Bailey Nelson on Henrietta Street. I look after Bailey Nelson business in the UK.

Where is Bailey Nelson from originally?

Bailey Nelson originated in Bondi Beach in 2012, and we’ve grown massively in the past five years. We have 30 stores across Australia and New Zealand, two in Canada with a third opening at the end of this month. Also, of course, our flagship store in Covent Garden.

How long have you worked in Covent Garden?

About 3 months, actually I’ve only been in London for about 3 months as well! It’s been an exciting time getting to know the area, what it has to offer, all of the local shops and businesses around here. I’m slowly getting used to the climate!

What is your favourite thing about Covent Garden?

Covent Garden is all about the people and the culture. There’s a lot of tourism which brings many different people with different experiences so you get to hear a lot of stories. Since we get to help customers find their perfect frames, we get to hear a little bit about where they’ve come from, what they’re up to and why they’re here which is really cool. We have a core base of loyal customers from the UK and London but we also have a lot of tourists who are attracted to our beautiful store and want to come in and check us out, and once they see the beautiful product they want to take it back to their home country.

Tell us a story about Covent Garden?

One of the coolest things is getting to know some of the people in the area. Even getting to know the security guards and recognising familiar faces in the street. I love seeing the street shows in the Piazza and the huge crowds. I love to take a break to go and watch the shows.

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden?

Well I don’t think it’s a secret as such but I love that you can walk into the Covent Garden Market Building and hear opera. I visited one Saturday before the store opened and I got to experience it and even last night walking through the South Hall it sounded so peaceful and tranquil in contrast to how it sounds in the day when it’s a busy and bustling area so you get a really nice balance.

Which of your frames would be the Covent Garden signature design?

There are two. The strawberry-coral acetate which has a bit of pink, a bit of yellow and like a pearl colour which is warm, bright and a bit playful. It’s great to have a pair of sunglasses which pop a little bit. The other that is really popular here is the Adler, it’s a bit more refined wire metal frame, it’s a bit subtle but it adds a really cool touch to your outfit. It fits the typical Covent Gardener – a bit quirky, a bit fun but still want to be a bit stylish too.

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Bailey Nelson Covent Garden