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Jeannine Saba The Covent Gardener
Jeannine Saba The Covent Gardener

Tales of Covent Garden: The Covent Gardener

Welcome to the next feature in our on-going content called Tales of Covent Garden! Each month, Covent Garden will be bringing you exclusive interviews of the people who live, work and love Covent Garden. Next, is Jeannine Saba the editor and founder of The Covent Gardener magazine. 

Who are you, where do you work and what do you do?

I’m Jeannine Saba and I am the editor and founder of The Covent Gardener.

How long have you worked in Covent Garden?

I launched the magazine two years ago, but I’ve lived in Covent Garden for eight years. I have always worked in magazines and love luxury print. I saw that something was missing in Covent Garden, so I decided to launch a luxury publication dedicated to Covent Garden. Since launch we’ve gained a readership of over one hundred thousand people!

What is your favourite thing about Covent Garden?

With the magazine, I get to work with the most amazing artists and hear the most incredible stories. I’ve fallen in love with the community in Covent Garden. I get to meet everyone as a resident and everyone has a story.

Tell us a story about Covent Garden?

I have so many! The latest issue was inspired by tattooist, Alf South who tattooed over fifteen thousand women in the early 19th century and had a small studio off The Strand. Another is on Maiden Lane, actor William Terriss, who was like the nineteenth century George Clooney, was stabbed to death outside the theatre by his jealous drunk understudy. Also, there’s a blue hut in St. Paul’s and before the Bow Street Runners came about you would have a security guard sat in the blue hut watching out for grave robbers, but grave robbers would push the hut over (trapping the guards inside) so they were free to steal the freshly interred bodies! As you can tell this area is just dripping with history!

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden?

The ghost of Joseph Grimaldi was known kick actors on the bottom as they were about to go onstage at the Royal Theatre on Drury Lane.

What’s your favourite area in Covent Garden?

Maiden Lane definitely, it is home for me and I like that it is dripping with history. Everyone is very nice here, from the security guards to the street cleaners. Now we have Petersham Nurseries and it’s incredible.


Jeannine Saba The Covent Gardener