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Tales of Covent Garden: Jordan Butcher Flat Iron
Tales of Covent Garden: Jordan Butcher Flat Iron

Tales of Covent Garden: Flat Iron

Welcome to the next feature in our on-going content called Tales of Covent Garden! Each month, Covent Garden will be bringing you exclusive interviews of the people who live, work and love Covent Garden. Next up, is the man behind the amazing steak Flat Iron serves every day, Jordan!

Where do you work and what do you do?

I’m Jordan, the butcher for Flat Iron. I’m in charge of the specials menu. I break a whole beef carcass down into the steaks that will be served as the specials that day. The specials can change five or six times a day as the availability of the cuts change. Whatever can’t be used as a steak like the brisket or neck muscles will be put in our burgers.

How long have you worked in Covent Garden?

I’ve worked here for two years, I love the architecture and the history of the place. Sometimes when I’ve got a very early start, I purposefully walk through The Market Building and watch all the stalls being set up. I like my history so it feels quite nostalgic.

Tell us a story about Covent Garden?

We had some friends over from the US and we were showing them around. When we came to Covent Garden and walking down by St. Paul’s our friends were amazed by the street performers, saying they just don’t have that where they come from. As Londoners, I think we take it all for granted and just get used to it.

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden?

I like in St. Paul’s church there are choir practices. Sometimes I’ll time my lunch breaks so I can go into the church and listen to the singers or the bands playing, it’s like a mini concert that’s free. You just sort of gate crash their practices, it’s great! The church is a hidden gem, they host plays there like a mini theatre, of sorts. A group were rehearsing Treasure Island and I got to watch that performance, which was great.

Where should we head for a quick vegetarian fix in Covent Garden?

There’s a nice little sandwich shop called Chez Antoinette in the Market Building, if you go down the steps. They do great cheese toasties which is just right for me!







Tales of Covent Garden: Jordan Butcher Flat Iron