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Tales of Covent Garden: Show Studio
Tales of Covent Garden: Show Studio

Tales of Covent Garden: Show Studio

In our next instalment of Tales of Covent Garden we talk to Emily Knight and Bex Cassie from SHOWStudio. Their gallery is the latest pop up on Floral Street and they have been getting to know the Covent Garden area.


Emily Knight & Bex Cassie

Where do you work and what do you do?

We both work for SHOWstudio Bex as the Gallery Manager & Artist Liaison and Emily as Illustration Agent and Head of Publicity. Together we run the gallery and work as agents for our artists.

How long have you worked in Covent Garden?

We opened our fashion illustration pop-up gallery at the beginning of October and will be here until the end of the year.

What is your favourite thing about Covent Garden?

We love Covent Garden’s vibrant atmosphere and vast array of restaurants. Since opening the gallery in October we have been all about the breakfast places in Covent Garden. Since the gallery opens at 11am it allows us time to go somewhere in the morning, plan the out the day and get to know the area.

Tell us a story about Covent Garden…

Emily: My boyfriend’s family is one of the founding traders of Covent Garden market, they used to sell grapes! There is a beautiful metal plaque in the Market Building and his family are remembered by the grapes adorning the sign

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden…

Bex: Don't walk up the stairs of Covent Garden tube. You'll regret it! Always take the lift, even if you have to run for it or wait ten minutes it is worth it. I did it once and never again!

Which retailer in Covent Garden would you love to collaborate with?

Emily: It is so funny how the timing has worked out as it would have to Petersham Nurseries (who opened recently on King Street, Covent Garden) as I grew up around the original in Richmond. I really like the idea of keeping it within the family and community, which is very Covent Garden. Petersham’s aesthetic is beautiful and we have grown up surrounded by it that it would be great to work with them






Tales of Covent Garden: Show Studio