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Sweetheart Cupcakes Covent Garden
Sweetheart Cupcakes Covent Garden

Tales of Covent Garden: Sweetheart

Welcome to the next feature in our on-going content called Tales of Covent Garden! Each month, Covent Garden will be bringing you exclusive interviews of the people who live, work and love Covent Garden. The week, Polly from Sweetheart Cakes talks to us about her love of Covent Garden, home baking and more. 

Where do you work and what do you do?

I’m Polly from Sweetheart Cupcakes in Covent Garden. Here we do one hundred percent home baking, no additives or anything that can make our lives easier! We bake all day which gives us that homely feel, we like to treat people as guests and not as clients. We like to change things around throughout the seasons and now we’ve expanded into cheesecakes and meringues.

How long have you worked in Covent Garden?

We opened in July last year, and it’s my first shop in Covent Garden. My business started in Greece, four years ago. Our eldest son came here to study and we thought we would take a chance and open a shop in London. Covent Garden is my favourite place. I remember around twenty-five years ago there was a bakery opposite the underground station and the baking smells were a dream. I actually used to work in advertising but always dreamed of having a bakery.

What is your favourite thing about Covent Garden?

It’s full of happy people, having the time of their lives here and you can feel this happy energy. Covent Garden is full of life, there is a positive vibe all over.

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden?

The big secret that makes our corner (in the Market Building) here so successful is the classical music performers. When they start playing the place comes alive and the people smile even more and clap. They come together and you see people of different nationalities, everyone feels like one and it’s a very nice feeling of community, which is even better for us.

The world has gone health crazy yet cakes live on, how do you explain this?

I have a poster here in the shop with a quote from nutritionist, Michael Pollan which says, ‘Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food!’ We only use pure ingredients in our baking so just reward yourself with one piece of cake.









Sweetheart Cupcakes Covent Garden