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Tom Davies
Tom Davies

Tales of Covent Garden: Tom Davies

Another day, another tale from Covent Garden! This time with British eyewear designer Tom Davies.

Who are you?

I’m Tom Davies and I design bespoke glasses. Everyone’s eyewear needs are completely different, so you can’t expect to have proper eye care in a fifteen-minute appointment. Our service starts with a chat and the frame is designed at the same time as the lenses so you end up with extremely good, healthy vision with a frame that makes you look great. I don’t use this lightly but a brilliant pair of glasses can be life-changing. I set out on my mission to change the way that people buy eyewear and do something completely different and bring it to Covent Garden.

What do you think is special about Covent Garden?

Everything in Covent Garden is friendly, approachable and calm. It’s got a little eco-system to it. I love the fact the traffic is a lot more limited here and there’s plenty of streets to discover things. There are lots more niche shops around here, I found an amazing sweetie-shop around the corner for example. I love that shop! You couldn’t discover that sort of thing in a lot of other places. It’s such a great shopping experience.

Where’s your favourite place in Covent Garden for evening drinks?

I’m really looking forward to SUSHISAMBA opening. If I do come here for drinks I’ll normally be going to the Royal Opera House. There are so many restaurants and bars here that I’ve never really settled on somewhere because I can just try something new! I’m sort of ticking them off one by one. I can’t wait for Petersham Nurseries to open! 

Tell us a secret about Covent Garden

I’ve got an inappropriate secret. Whenever we open a new store my creative manager likes to do a bit of research about the store and its history. He bought me a book all about the history and it’s very interesting. This is a grade-one listed building so it’s going to have all sorts of historical facts. Covent Garden is full of character, it’s absolutely fascinating.

Can you reveal anything special coming to the Covent Garden store in 2018?

I’ve been testing my performance line here. These are sports bespoke frames. It’s the only store in my group with a display of sports performance.

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Tom Davies