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Zoe Bradley has collaborated with Galeria Melissa Covent Garden
Zoe Bradley has collaborated with Galeria Melissa Covent Garden

Zoe Bradley's installation at Galera Melissa


Acclaimed British paper artist Zoe Bradley has collaborated with Galeria Melissa for her latest installation, creating a vibrant and bold collection of exotic oriental inspired paper flowers, welcoming viewers into a sanctum of femininity in the form of a ‘Neon Garden.’

A large suspended Lotus sculpture features alongside a kaleidoscopic floral animation in the entrance area. As the viewer continues their journey downstairs, they enter into a garden oasis where the walls are covered in large-scale topiary and a large central Lotus sculpture slowly rotates on a floor plinth, echoing its motion upon the ripples of a pond.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Galeria Melissa is the perfect venue for this floral spectacle, which was once home to the original flower market.

Celebrating the spirit of Melissa’s AW17 FLYGRL footwear and accessories collection that champion’s femininity; Zoe stated that she ‘wanted to create an exotic garden. Celebrating the feminine and architectural forms of flowers.’

A selection of roses, lotus, cherry blossoms, dahlia and fuchsia have been hand-sculpted in her signature iridescent papers with the introduction of a newly launched paper by G.F Smith, Pastel Heart Attack as the hero colour: an eye catching day glow hot neon.

The hot neon colour underpins the floral textile with Bradley introducing other colourful papers such as fuchsia pink, pastel lilacs and deep plum which all open and bloom into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour.

The Lotus flower is the ‘hero’ flower of the piece and was used to give the floral textile and accompanying animated film the narrative behind the installation.

Opening Times:

Mon - Sat 10:30am -7:30pm
Sun 12pm -6pm



Zoe Bradley has collaborated with Galeria Melissa Covent Garden