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Covent Garden is not only home to world-class shops and restaurants, but it could also be your next home or office. Covent Garden's portfolio contains a variety of spaces, from boutique spaces to 10,000sq ft open plans, there is space for every type of business. To live in Covent Garden, is to live here as a true local. Come with us to an ever-changing place that always feels innovative; a place where world-class luxury brands choose as a showcase, and chefs look to bring new ideas.

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Whether you’re starting out on a new venture or have an established operation, Covent Garden provides a world-leading and exciting environment, perfect for the development of your business and a community that you can be proud to be part of.

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By having living in Covent Garden, you instantly access an iconic part of London that is not only well connected but filled with the latest restaurants, the hottest brands and the most exclusive events.

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Your little slice of London is giving something back. With over 60 offers from around the neighbourhood, you unlock something truly special by being a part of WC2.

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The Award Winning Floral Court Collection. 31 individually - crafted homes, from studio to penthouse. This was a rare opportunity to live in the iconic setting of Covent Garden, exclusively brought to you by Shaftesbury Capital. The Floral Court Collection has been named as the ‘Best London Home’ at The Evening Standard Awards 2019.
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When you are a resident of Covent Garden whether that be in one of our commercial, residential or office spaces you unlock another level of service to take advantage of. Covent Garden Lifestyle is on hand 24/7 to assist all our residential and office occupiers with a vast array of personal and work-related services, from time-consuming daily essentials to VIP access for exclusive events.

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