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  • Where can I stay in Covent Garden?

    Click here for a list of local hotels

  • Where are the local theatres?

    Click here for a list of the theatres near Covent Garden Piazza

  • What time is Covent Garden open?

    Covent Garden, the Piazza and the Market Building is always open, but the shops usually operate between 10am and 8pm Monday to Saturday and on Sunday from around 11am to 6pm. The Apple Market is open daily from 10am until 6pm and the East Colonnade Market is open from 10:30am until 7pm

  • Is Covent Garden free to the public?

    Covent Garden, the Piazza and the Market Building is a public space and free for anyone to walk around day or night

  • How can I open a store or restaurant in Covent Garden

    For all leasing enquiries please contact cgleasing@shaftesburycapital.com


  • Where can I park?

    There is Pay & Display parking on the streets off the Piazza - Henrietta Street, Southampton Street and Tavistock Street. There is also an NCP car park on Drury Lane

  • Which Tube station is best to use?

    Covent Garden's tube station is a very short walk from the Market Building at the end of James Street. Covent Garden is on the Piccadilly Line. Please note, the Covent Garden tube station stairs are not for the faint of heart as there are 193 steps to the top so unless you feel like a workout it is advised to wait for the lifts

    During peak times we suggest getting off at Leicester Square (Piccadilly and Northern Line), which is a short walk to Covent Garden

    Holborn (Central Line) is only a ten minute walk from Covent Garden. Here is the best walking route via Google Maps

    Embankment (Circle, District, Bakerloo and Northern Line) is a ten minute walk to Covent Garden. Here is the best walking route via Google Maps

  • Where can I park my bike?

    There are several bike racks surrounding Covent Garden


  • Where are the toilets in Covent Garden?

    Inside the Market Building there are the award winning 2theloo bathrooms that cost £1. Toilets are also located on either side of the portico by St Paul’s church, accessed via the West Piazza and cost 50p. There is also a disabled toilet in Tavistock Court, to the side of Jubilee Market

  • Where are the ATMs / cashpoints?

    There are ATMs on the West Piazza and on King Street

  • Where can I exchange money in Covent Garden?

    The nearest Foreign Exchange Centre is Covent Garden FX

  • Are all areas of Covent Garden wheelchair accessible?

    Covent Garden still retains its historical charm with Grade || listed featured and iconic cobbles. There are a number of wheelchair accessible routes around Covent Garden, with the smoothest way in to the Market Building being from Russell Street where there are a number of ramps and the bottom of James Street. Should you need any assistance in Covent Garden please visit our Information Booth at the front of the South Wells

  • Is Covent Garden pet friendly?

    Covent Garden, the Piazza and the Market Building welcomes dogs to walk through, however we ask that you are considerate and pick up after your dogs.

    There are a number of dog friendly establishments in Covent Garden including Ave Mario, Shake Shack and Chestnut Bakery.

    If you are in Covent Garden with your four legged friend and snap a picture, ensure to share with our Instagram tag #DogsofCoventGarden

  • Where can I refill my water bottle in Covent Garden?

    There are complimentary refill stations in Ellis Brigham on Southampton Street and Boots on Long Acre.


  • How can I rent an office in Covent Garden?

    Check out our office portfolio here

  • How can I get a stall in the Apple Market?

    The Apple Market is dedicated to British hand-made craft from Tuesday to Sunday. Click here to download an application form and here to find out more about the selection process. Once completed, send your application form to helpdesk@coventgardenmarket.co.uk

  • How can I get a stall for antiques or collectibles?

    Every Monday The Apple Market is dedicated to antiques and collectables. Click here to download an application form. Once completed, send your form to helpdesk@coventgardenmarket.co.uk

  • How can I get a stall in the East Colonnade Market?

    Please send all enquiries for the East Colonnade Market to: helpdesk@coventgardenmarket.co.uk

  • Where can I work remotely in Covent Garden?

    There are a number of places in Covent Garden where you can plug in and work including 3 Henrietta Street and Chestnut Bakery.


  • How do I become a street performer?
    • Shaftesbury Capital has a clear process for auditioning to be a Street Performer within the Market Building, which they own
    • Any other performance sites, including the West Piazza, James Street, and outside the LTM fall within Westminster City Council (WCC) remit

    SHC’s audition process is as follows:

    • For all auditions please arrive by 10.15am at the latest at the North Hall to ensure you are registered
    • There will be a judging panel made up of representatives from the Courtyard Musicians Association, Street Performers Association & the Shaftesbury Capital Covent Garden Management Team
    • Each audition must last no longer than 3 minutes
    • These auditions are for performance slots in the North Hall, West Piazza and Courtyard
    • The North Hall and West Piazza pitch is predominantly for variety / circus acts with a structured show. Auditioning acts need to show a high degree of skill and the ability to build a rapport with the audience
    • The Courtyard pitch is for classical vocalists and instrumentalists. Vocalists should not be amplified although they can have a backing track
    • All auditioned performers will be contacted within one week of their audition in writing. They will receive feedback and confirmation of the audition result. All decisions are final
    • Please note there is no capacity for acoustic guitarists or singer/songwriters
    • We do not allow any wind instruments, brass instruments, electric guitars, drums, accordions, bagpipes or didgeridoos to be played here at Covent Garden
    • NB We are unable to supply electricity, all equipment must be battery powered

    The next dates for auditions are as follows:

    • Monday 8th July 2024
    • Monday 7th October 2024 
  • How do I become a street performer on James Street?

    To perform on the street to the right of the tube station going towards The Market Building please contact Westminster Council or speak to one of the performers



  • Can I film in Covent Garden?

    Yes, but you need permission. Please email marketing@shaftesburycapital.com with the following details and paper work to seek approval:

    • What is the filming for?
    • Where exactly in Covent Garden do you wish to film? 
    • Where will it be distributed?
    • What equipment will you be using?
    • Will you be asking any vox pops?
    • What is the size of your crew?
    • How long will you be on site for?

    The paper work we need is:

    • minimum of 10million Public Liability Insurance
    • Date and site specific risk and method assessment
  • I'm a journalist / broadcaster - who can I contact for more information on Covent Garden?

    Please contact our PR Team at Mission. email: shaftesburycapital@thisismission.com

  • I'd like to host a promotional event in Covent Garden - who can I contact?

    Please contact call the marketing team (marketing@shaftesburycapital.com) who will be able to send you our events pack

  • I would like to open a pop up store in Covent Garden - who can I contact?

    Please contact the Marketing Team (marketing@shaftesburycapital.com)