What's Happening in Covent Garden

We’ve rounded up the best events in Covent Garden to help you plan your next visit. Whether it’s events on the Piazza, seasonal collections in-store or discovering the latest new openings in the neighbourhood, we’ve got you covered for all the latest on Covent Garden.

Let us bring a slice of Covent Garden to your home

Covent Garden is always open for you to visit being a public landmark, which means you can still walk around the Market Building, toddle across the Piazza and even cycle around the streets. If you can't visit right now, there are plenty of way to experience Covent Garden at Home.

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Plan your visit

24 Hours in Covent Garden

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One-of-a-kind in-store experiences

With over 200 stores to choose from, Covent Garden is one of London’s hottest shopping destinations.

From complimentary beauty makeovers to monogramming and personalisation services, we’ve rounded up the very best services and experiences on offer in the area.

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