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Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of London’s most-loved neighbourhoods, located in the heart of the West End. You'll find Covent Garden in the heart of the London, being easily reached via tube, train, cycle, on foot, boat or taxi.

You're in safe hands

Social distancing in place

Open Air Space

Cycle racks across the neighbourhood

Covent Garden Reopening June (2)

Welcoming you back, safely

When you come back to Covent Garden, it might look a bit different. We have reshaped the experience for a safer environment for the entire neighbourhood. Whenever you are ready to visit, Covent Garden will be ready to welcome you.

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Covent Garden Reopening June (4)

Getting Here

You'll find Covent Garden in the heart of the West End, being easily reached via tube, train, cycle, on foot, boat or taxi.

Did you know that Covent Garden is only a 15 minute bike ride from Hyde Park, 15 minutes from Kings Cross, 20 minutes from Hoxton Square and 30 minutes from Clapham Common.

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Frequently asked questions


  • What measures have Covent Garden taken to create a safer environment for shopping and dining in the neighbourhood?

    To discover all the ways we have reshaped the experience click here.

  • Where can I stay in Covent Garden?

    Click here for a list of local hotels

  • Where are the local theatres?

    Click here for a list of the theatres near Covent Garden Piazza

  • What time is Covent Garden open?

    Covent Garden, the Piazza and the Market Building is always open, but the shops usually operate between 10am and 8pm Monday to Saturday and on Sunday from around 11am to 6pm. The Apple Market is open daily from 10am until 6pm and the East Colonnade Market is open from 10:30am until 7pm

  • Is Covent Garden free to the public?

    Covent Garden, the Piazza and the Market Building is a public space and free for anyone to walk around day or night

  • How can I open a store or restaurant in Covent Garden

    For all leasing enquiries please contact cgleasing@capitalandcounties.com

So much to shop, eat and do!

Covent Garden Royal Opera House Arcade

Plan your visit

Make your itinerary but save room for surprise, there’s always something happening in Covent Garden.

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A Good Night's Sleep

Looking to soak in as much of Covent Garden as possible or want to stay as close to the action? We've got you covered!

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